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Black Beauty – Brighton

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An inviting kitchen is just one part of a full domestic cabinetry fit-out in Brighton including butler’s pantry; laundry; hidden study area; linen cupboards; entertainment units; and even a bedhead!

This kitchen was a finalist in the HIA Best Kitchen $30,001 – 50,000 category which focuses on workmanship, construction, and installation. The winning kitchen for this category was also designed and built by Smith & Smith [see it here].

This thoroughly modern, minimalist home is anything but cold and uninviting. Cleverly designed spaces are set off with Smith & Smith cabinetry, predominantly in black, to create a calming atmosphere in an inviting and functional environment. Oakley Property Group built the home, Smith & Smith designed and manufactured the cabinetry as described here.


Texture finish black two-pack polyurethane cabinets in Dulux Monument form the main part of the kitchen. High ceilings make the kitchen look deceptively small. While it is a large space, everything is within easy reach. Bi-fold doors enable open shelving to be hidden from view when required. A large island bench with overhang allows the kids to pull up a stool and do their homework while mum sorts out dinner. There’s even a kitchen desk with a pinboard above it for mum’s calendar, invitations and school notices.

Lighting has not been left to the last minute. In fact, it has been carefully designed to ensure that as long as it is daylight, there is natural light in the kitchen. Plate glass windows on either side allow morning and evening sun to come in. A skylight above allows enough light, but little heat into the kitchen. The skylight is set within a geometric plaster alcove that bounces the light, spreading and diffusing it as it falls on the kitchen below. A long, hanging strip light sheds light on the entire island bench so that cooking and homework can be completed without fuss. Lighting the splashback with warm undercabinet lighting provides task lighting and a beautiful glow that washes over the kitchen at night. For more information on how to plan the lighting in your kitchen, see our recent blog post here.

Numerous features have been added to increase storage or increase access to storage in this kitchen. See the gallery below for more details.

Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry carries the colour scheme and materials through from the kitchen. A mirrored splashback makes the area seem bigger than it really is and feature tiling brightens the area. Open shelving provides ready access to food items, closed shelving below houses larger crockery and bulk food items, keeping it neat and out of sight until it is required.


A large laundry is only as good as the storage it provides. Why have a large laundry if there is only to be one cabinet in the corner leaving the washing machine and dryer to rattle around in the empty space? This laundry has a clear job description and it uses the space well. As well as being a place to do the washing, this laundry gathers the kids’ school things at the end of the day, keeping it neat. It is also a place for the cat to eat and visit the kitty litter. The cat’s items are neatly tucked under the bench-seat and the benchtop ensuring careless toes don’t cause a spill. A built-in ironing board tucks neatly into a cupboard with one hand required, just in case you forget to hang the freshly pressed shirts before you start folding it away.

Entertainment Unit

Minimalism does not have to mean minimal storage. If you look carefully at the ends of the entertainment unit you will see tall storage cabinets that fade effortlessly into the background leaving the features of the entertainment unit and wood fire to delight the senses.

Hidden Study Desk

Tucked inside His study is a hidden desk area for Her. Smith & Smith and Oakely Property Group together engineered a sliding wall that opens and closes effortlessly to reveal or conceal a desk, printer, a huge amount of storage and a pinboard. See more pictures of domestic cabinetry by Smith & Smith.


Storage Solutions Within the Brighton Kitchen


Smith & Smith is renowned for beautiful made-to-measure kitchens at friendly prices. You can rely on our 40 years of bespoke kitchen design and cabinetmaking experience. We are cabinetmakers – you buy directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman. Clients have returned to Smith & Smith for kitchens in their second home, property development as well as holiday homes.



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