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    How to Achieve a Showpiece Industrial Kitchen

    ‘Industrial’ generally brings to mind a combination of the Brutalist raw concrete of 1960’s car parks and rusty mechanical parts. It certainly doesn’t sound warm and inviting. I’m glad to see you haven’t fled at the thought of making industrial warm and inviting. There are steps involved but it can be done and the effect […]

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    Hide It Or Style It? Tips On Styling Your Kitchen

    We all want a stylish kitchen – like the ones you see in the magazines – but every home cook needs certain items on hand. To hide or not to hide, that is the question! It’s all down to selection, and selection only comes naturally to some. The rest of us have to learn. We’ve […]

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  • 05

    European Kitchen Design

    Many look to Europe to inform their direction in style in fashion, but what about kitchens? Is European kitchen design worth looking into for the average Australian consumer? There are definitely style notes to take from European kitchen design, however it is important that a few things about their kitchen industry are taken into consideration. […]

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    Australian Kitchen Design Trends 2016

      Looking for 2019 Kitchen Design Trends?   At Smith & Smith, we stay abreast of design trends in Europe, the UK and around the world. In performing this research, it is clear that Australia has its own specific trends. In recent years our director, John Lorych, has seen a forking of trends. A vast […]

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  • 08

    How To Clean Your Kitchen Instantly – Kitchen Storage That Is Easy To Access

    A kitchen gets so much use it is hard to find a time when you can see it clear and uncluttered – particularly with family life or a steady stream of visitors. If you want to clean your kitchen instantly, begin at the design phase and include some of these stylish kitchen storage ideas. There […]

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  • 07

    The Most Important Kitchen Remodelling Idea – Plan Well!

    The kitchen renovation process can be daunting, but it is meant to help you get what you want and what you need out of your kitchen. A great kitchen is more than just a collection of appliances or a bespoke cabinetry creation that is the jewel in your home. As with any renovation, research and […]

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    Important kitchen storage tips

    A well designed kitchen makes the best use of the space available and provides easy access to items near their points of use.   Frequently used items should be stored in the most accessible areas. Heavy equipment should be stored in lower spaces where it can be safely retrieved.  The old mantra of “everything has […]

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  • 24

    Kitchen Ergonomics

    A great Kitchen design will implement good ergonomic principles.  Ergonomics is concerned with the study of human characteristics and function called anthropometrics and how it relates to design.  Since the kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home, we need to consider an optimised workflow, taking into consideration the effects of distance/time.  As […]

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    Top things to watch out for before deciding on a kitchen renovation company

    When you decide that you want to renovate your kitchen, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. If you don’t look out for some of these things you could be in for some serious trouble. First you should find out a little about the reputation of the company you are […]

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  • 28

    Home Appliances – Fagor, Elica, IAG, Arc and Euromaid

    Home Appliances recently came out to our Oakleigh showroom to showcase for us some of their products. Home Appliances consists of a number of brands Fagor Elica IAG Arc Euromaid You may or may not have heard of some of these brands, but Fagor has been used in some of the top commercial Australia restaurants […]

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