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    The Most Durable Benchtop Material

    From the cheapest to the priciest, all kitchen benchtop materials have their pros and cons. Our handy guide gives you all the information you need about durability, cleaning and price to make the best choice for your new kitchen. CHOICE has taken the time to study each kitchen benchtop material and provide an evaluation. We […]

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    The Worst Thing to do in a Kitchen Showroom

    You walked into the kitchen showroom and your natural instincts kicked in. You told yourself you wouldn’t do it, but you did. The worst thing to do in a kitchen showroom is to walk through without opening doors and drawers and without talking to the showroom staff. Is it really any better than looking at […]

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    One of These Kitchens Cost $10K More Than the Other

    “But they look exactly the same!” I hear you say. Yes, they do! These kitchens may look the same but their prices are very different. The number of cabinets is the same. The cabinet doors are the same. The cabinets are all the same size. They have all been constructed to the same high standard. […]

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    What do Australians Spend on a New Kitchen?

    Many renovators find themselves a little stuck when it comes to deciding what to spend on a new kitchen. Kitchen companies find it hard to design a kitchen for you if you are unclear on the budget they are to work within and renovators find it hard to come up with a budget in the first […]

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    Design Your Kitchen For a Healthier Lifestyle

    Recent survey shows a new kitchen could provide a healthier lifestyle. Can good kitchen design really make a difference? Let's see how.

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    Live In Kitchen Luxe

    What features add a sense of luxury in a kitchen? We can all point to a kitchen that has wow factor and a sense of luxury, but what are the individual components that contribute to the overall effect?  The list below offers key areas where careful thought and the right choices can add real value […]

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    8 Tips to Avoid a Cheap Looking Kitchen

    It is possible for even the most high quality kitchen cabinets to end up looking cheap and nasty.  Without proper care and attention, beginning at the design stage, it is a steep and slippery slope from kitchen magic to kitchen tragic. Some of these points relate to easy updates that can be made to your existing […]

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    Hide It Or Style It? Tips On Styling Your Kitchen

    We all want a stylish kitchen – like the ones you see in the magazines – but every home cook needs certain items on hand. To hide or not to hide, that is the question! It’s all down to selection, and selection only comes naturally to some. The rest of us have to learn. We’ve […]

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    European Kitchen Design

    Many look to Europe to inform their direction in style in fashion, but what about kitchens? Is European kitchen design worth looking into for the average Australian consumer? There are definitely style notes to take from European kitchen design, however it is important that a few things about their kitchen industry are taken into consideration. […]

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    Australian Kitchen Design Trends 2016

      Looking for 2019 Kitchen Design Trends?   At Smith & Smith, we stay abreast of design trends in Europe, the UK and around the world. In performing this research, it is clear that Australia has its own specific trends. In recent years our director, John Lorych, has seen a forking of trends. A vast […]

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    How To Clean Your Kitchen Instantly – Kitchen Storage That Is Easy To Access

    A kitchen gets so much use it is hard to find a time when you can see it clear and uncluttered – particularly with family life or a steady stream of visitors. If you want to clean your kitchen instantly, begin at the design phase and include some of these stylish kitchen storage ideas. There […]

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