Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for Your Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is so much more than a place to cook and eat. It’s also a communal space for families to gather and talk, play games, finish school assignments and socialise. You will ultimately spend many hours in your kitchen, which is why it’s so important that the look and feel of the room is positive and welcoming.

Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation for your Melbourne home, or simply looking to freshen up the paint, here are our tips for selecting the right colour palette.

1. Plan out your modern kitchen design

Before you whip out the paint brush and begin splashing colours around, you should get an understanding of the overall design you’re envisioning for your kitchen. Consider how the space will gel with the existing interior design of your home – especially if your kitchen is open plan. Are you after a rustic look, or something more modern? Perhaps you’d prefer a chic design with a pop of colour?

Either way, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research and look at inspiration online to get a better feel for what you do and don’t like. Bring home some colour chips from a hardware store and hold them up against your kitchen surfaces to picture how different tones will play in this space.

2. Start with the kitchen cabinets

Once you have your modern kitchen ideas squared away, you’re ready to begin picking out your colour preferences. A kitchen cabinet renovation usually means a complete overhaul of the colour scheme of your kitchen, as your cabinets take up a large percentage of wall space in the room. Just be careful you’re considering factors such as lighting and maintenance when selection your cabinet colours.

For example, white has been a staple kitchen colour for many years for it’s clean look and ability to brighten a space. However, it will show scuffs and stains more easily, requiring more diligent maintenance. On the flip side, darker colours can add an impactful, elegant feel to your kitchen, but if your room doesn’t receive much natural sunlight, the space may feel dark and depressing during the day.

Many modern kitchen renovations are designed with a high contrast black and white colour scheme. This means you can have the best of both worlds with the brightness of a white benchtops and white cabinets in areas that will bounce light around, as well as a contrasting dark colour on cabinets in other areas. This adds interest while keeping the area light and bright.

3. Benchtops are key to your colour scheme

Your kitchen benchtop is your next biggest feature and one of the first things people will notice when entering the room. It’s advisable to stick with neutral colours to help your paint and splashback colours stand out.

To help brighten your space, add a lighter toned benchtop to bounce natural and artificial light around the room. Alternatively, add a darker benchtop for a splash of drama. Consider timber tones to add warmth, natural stone for that timeless effect, or engineered for a design that can suit any style.

4. Add a pop of colour to your kitchen remodel

While many people prefer to keep their kitchen cabinets and benchtops neutral in colour, you can really get creative with your paint and splashback options. Let your personality spill through in your colour choices and select a scheme that will delight you every time you enter the room.

As the kitchen typically has much less blank wall space than other rooms in your house, you can get away with bolder colour choices without letting it take over the entire space. To get a better understanding of the role different colours play in interior design, check out our guide here.

Speak with your Melbourne kitchen renovation experts

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