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Deco Delight

Multi-award winning designer Rob Barclay designed this shining example of an art deco kitchen – and he won yet another award for it! Designed specifically for an art deco home, this lustrous walnut veneer clad island bench has the seductive curves synonymous with the deco period. The curve theme is continued in the cabinetry on the rear and side walls. A marble bench top with deco edging sets off the kitchen as it is lit by original deco pendants.

The styling may be from almost a century ago, but the amenities are thoroughly up to date. An induction cooktop nestles unobtrusively on the bench top, stainless steel appliances look quite at home thanks to careful design and styling.

At Smith & Smith, your desires drive our design. There is no set design menu that our clients must select from and tweak. Our design process starts with the style that you desire, our designers then work with that and the layout and style of your home to design a kitchen that fits with your home and your lifestyle.

ID #11286