European Kitchen Design

Many look to Europe to inform their direction in style in fashion, but what about kitchens? Is European kitchen design worth looking into for the average Australian consumer?

There are definitely style notes to take from European kitchen design, however it is important that a few things about their kitchen industry are taken into consideration.

European Kitchen Industry

Many kitchen companies in Europe offer modular kitchens. The modular kitchen industry in Europe makes Australian kitchen manufacturing look small fry! Vast kitchen factories line up machine after machine churning out dozens of kitchen cabinets every hour. Modular kitchens are popular in Europe because in a huge number of European cities, apartments are leased without a kitchen! It is commonplace for renters to bring their own kitchen. Modular kitchens allow for easy installation and removal in apartments that have standardised fittings.

The modular kitchen industry is not as big in Australia as we have access to high quality, reasonably priced custom built cabinets; we have a high percentage of home ownership; and we like to display our individual taste in the heart of our homes, the kitchen.

Europe does have custom-built options in their kitchen industry, but they come at a price.

Smith & Smith look to Europe, the UK and the USA for design inspiration; we incorporate this into our own designs that suit an Australian market.

Our manufacturing may be small compared to Europe, but it is one of the largest and best kitchen manufacturing plants in Melbourne. We incorporate state of the art machinery to precision cut the constituents of our cabinetry and hand finish each element so we can be assured of quality and you can be assured of a kitchen that looks great and lasts the distance.

For a taste of European design, dip in with the following websites: