How To Clean Your Kitchen Instantly – Kitchen Storage That Is Easy To Access

A kitchen gets so much use it is hard to find a time when you can see it clear and uncluttered – particularly with family life or a steady stream of visitors. If you want to clean your kitchen instantly, begin at the design phase and include some of these stylish kitchen storage ideas. There may be a lot of time to save.

There are a variety of additions that can be made to your kitchen that can aid in keeping a clutter free benchtop, sleek minimalism or just making sure your son doesn’t leave the toaster on the bench…again!

The utility of a kitchen can be cleverly hidden with these simple ideas:

  • Appliance cabinet
  • Drop down spice cabinets
  • Lift up splash back storage
  • Hidden utility area
  • Secret access to utility room/laundry
  • Butler’s pantry

Appliance Cabinet

Appliance Cabinets are a simple, effective, and elegant solution to keeping the toaster, kettle and your other frequently used appliances very accessible and very concealable. Roller doors are available in a great range of finishes, and mini bi-fold doors may be finished to match your cabinetry. All it takes to reveal the appliances is the opening of a door. With integrated power points, the appliance is ready to go as soon as the door is opened.

Mini bi-fold doors conceal an appliance cabinet.

Mini bi-fold doors conceal an appliance cabinet.

Appliance cabinet with roller door in brushed finish metallic laminate.

Appliance cabinet with roller door in brushed finish metallic laminate.

Drop Down Spice Cabinets

Drop down spice cabinets offer easy access to small items, right at eye level. When closed, the minimal design makes them disappear leaving your kitchen looking stylishly neat.

SmithandSmith_TimTurner5337.jpg   SmithandSmith_TimTurner5350.jpg

Lift Up Splash Back Storage

This nifty splashback storage keeps the bench clear of items that need to be within easy reach, but clutter the area. A simple lift up door grants access until they need to be hidden once more.

SmithandSmith_TimTurner5337.jpg   SmithandSmith_TimTurner5350.jpg

Hidden Kitchen Utility Area

This kitchen has been cleverly concealed behind bi-fold doors. The doors of the sink and hotplate area can be closed on dishes and unwashed pots during dinner parties, ready to be attended to without missing any of the fun.

Now you see it...

Now you see it…

...now you don't!

…now you don’t!

Secret Access

Secret access from the kitchen to a utility room (a laundry in this case) can keep it kitchen looking sleek and modern without interrupting appearance of the space with a regular door. Having access to a room like this can also make cleaning as simple as picking up a few things and popping them behind the hidden door!

Can you spot the secret door?

Can you spot the secret door?

Here it is...seamless.

Here it is…seamless.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is more than a kitchen within a kitchen, it allows for bulk storage of food items as well as bulky appliances. The inclusion of a sink, dishwasher, cook top and fridge in this room means it becomes the muscle behind entertaining while the ‘show’ kitchen remains uncluttered and calm.

A sliding door in the same finish as the cabinetry.

A sliding door in the same finish as the cabinetry.

A cleverly hidden door reveals more storage.

The sliding door reveals cleverly hidden storage.