Kitchen Design Trends 2019 – Part 2

Last month we began looking at the kitchen trends that will take us through 2019. This month we continue that post. Trends may be started in magazines but they can only continue if they are practical, beautiful and people actually want these things in their homes.

1. Pared Back Hamptons

Kitchen Design Trends 2019 - Pared back Hamptons

Pared back Hamptons is a less intricate take on the classic style.

The Hamptons/Cape Cod style has been popular for some time, we are seeing a pared-back version emerging where details are less intricate but with a strong emphasis on classic workmanship and styling. This style is coastal and relaxed with the comforting features of traditional kitchens that invite people in such as seating areas at the bench, an open plan arrangement and plenty of natural light. On trend, high contrast colour schemes work very well when applied to this style of kitchen.

Get the look:

Introduce an island (or peninsula depending on space) bench to your kitchen where stools may be pulled up for a casual cuppa.

Pendants above the food prep area can double as mood lighting if they are on dimmers. A beautiful pendant selection can be a real focal point in the kitchen.

2. Colour

Kitchen Design Trends 2019 - HIgh Contrast

The high contrast effect can be achieved in monochrome or colour.

Black and grey have been very popular and will continue to be into 2019. Rather than straight black or grey in this high contrast trend, we are seeing colour lovers opt for dark browns, blues or greens or at the lighter end of the scale, muted blues, greens or pinks. Dulux has released their colour forecast for 2019 which is well worth a look.

Get the look:

Paint: Try the colours before you make your choice. Online colour selectors have their place; however, they are not a true match. They do give you a general idea of what colours look like together and sites such as Dulux allow you to select an image and change the colour of the cabinets in that image. Other online selectors allow you to upload your own image to play with colours. The final stage of colour selection should always be to procure a sample pot and try the colour in the space where it is to be used – the play of light, as well as other items in the room, can affect the appearance of colour.

Accessories: When going for a high-contrast look consider incorporating black sinks, hotplates, taps and handles.

3. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Design Trends 2019 - Island bench

This island features a sink and a microwave for high functionality. Pendants provide a beautiful segue between kitchen and meals areas.

The kitchen island trend is still going strong. And it is clear that it is the centre of attention because clients often ask for all the action to happen there – large, deep benchtops that function as the centre of the kitchen, often incorporating a sink and even a hotplate as well. If the island is where these items are located, the cook does not have their back to the conversation happening in an open plan area. As with butlers’ pantries, islands are not always able to be introduced into the kitchen area due to space constraints.

Get the look:

Rang hood-less: Recent downdraught technology means a bulky range no longer needs to be introduced to the area. Downdraught exhaust systems sit flush with the benchtop when not in use and pop up when required. They extract the steam and cooking smells while you cook. Ensure you measure your largest pot so you can buy a unit that extends to the right height.

Kitchen Design Trends 2019 - No room for an island bench?

No room for an island bench? Get your peninsula bench to allow the cook to interact with other while they are on task. This peninsula bench houses a cooktop and features cylindrical extractor units.

Range hood feature: Make a feature of your range hood by selecting for style and functionality. Pendant style range hoods are a fantastic way to make a design statement that is also functional.

No room for an island: Smaller kitchens may not have room for an island bench, however, peninsula benches can work just as hard. Provide seating space and a sink or cooktop to allow the cook to interact with the room while on task.

4. Clever Lighting

LED strip lighting - cooking alcove

LED strip lighting around cooking alcove is functional and beautiful.

Our clients have asked for lighting in cabinets, under cabinets and under island benches as well as in the usual places. LED lighting has become cheaper and easier to install (so long as it is thought of in the design stage – retrofitting can be quite tricky!) Squinting into dimly lit cabinets and food prepping in your own shadow can be a thing of the past if you look into lighting.

Get the look:

See our tips on kitchen lighting to ensure your kitchen is well lit for functionality, ambience and a luxe look.

See this Smith & Smith designed and built kitchen featured in a recent ‘Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly’ article on lighting.

5. Bins

Yes, bins! A humble, yet necessary item in the kitchen. Gone are the days of a separate bin that stood conspicuously in the middle of the kitchen floor. Many are opting to give the bin a hygienic cabinet of its own. Integrated waste systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations to allow waste sorting to your desired level. Add an electrically operated touch to an open system where the bin may be opened with a touch of the knee or elbow to the door when hands are too messy or full to perform the opening.

Get the look:

Blum Servo-Drive system

6. No Handles

Kitchen Design Trends 2019 - Handle-less kitchen

The handle-less look allows sleek modern lines to remain uninterrupted. J groove grips allow this kitchen to be handle-less while retaining the conventional pull to open functionality.

For contemporary kitchens, the handle-less look is still on trend. The sleek lines of the kitchen remain uninterrupted with no handles. Many are going for electrically operated touch to open systems, such as Blum’s Servo-Drive or mechanical push to open systems.

Get the look:

Touch or push to open systems can be added to drawers, doors and flap doors. J grooves can also provide the handle-less look while retaining the conventional pull to open functionality. Consult your designer to see which solution fits your home best.


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