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Kitchen Plans

Deciding on kitchen plans that suit your space and your needs is imperative. If the kitchen layout is designed incorrectly it can make your kitchen much less functional and effective than it could be. A kitchen design that is thoroughly thought out makes the best use of the storage space and increases the functionality of your space. The kitchen plan theory that prevails today is the work triangle.

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Kitchen Work Triangle

The main functions in a residential kitchen are carried out between the cooktop, the sink and the refrigerator. These three points and the imaginary line between them, make up what kitchen experts call the “work triangle”. The idea is that when these three elements are in close (but not too close) proximity to one other, the kitchen will run most efficiently. Adequate space between these points ensures there is room for preparation and serving, and room to work with others in the kitchen. If elements are too close, even one person my find it difficult to work in the area, with little room to set things down and serve meals up.

Having the right layout also saves time. If you think about it, it just makes sense to allow storage space for pots, pans and oven dishes by the oven/stove, dishes to be stored between the dishwasher/sink and cooking area – makes grabbing plates to serve up just the stretching of an arm rather than running to the other end of the kitchen. Likewise, unstacking the dishwasher makes more sense if storage of cutlery and crockery is close by.

  • Single Line Kitchens – ideal for small spaces
  • L-shaped Kitchen- provides much more space
  • U-shaped Kitchen
  • L-shapte with Island Kitchen
  • Galley Style Kitchen – one bank of cabinets may be an island.

Galley Kitchen Layout

Open-plan kitchens are an inviting way to create kitchens where people can gather. A separate enclosed kitchen is mainly for keeping the cooking and mess away from view.

Kitchen Plans and Zone Design

Kitchen zone design isn’t really a replacement for the tried and true work triangle theory, its more of an extension.  While the work triangle considers the sink, refrigerator and cooktop, this theory factors in things like preparation, cooking, baking and cleanup zones and tries to take into account all the extra things you may do in your kitchen like homework areas and entertainment spaces.


Below are some more specific ideas pertaining to the layout of kitchens with