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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation involves a number of steps from stripping out of your existing kitchen, to prepatory trade works, to installation of the finished kitchen.  To help get you through this process you need to understand just how much you use your kitchen.

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Kitchen Renovation Timeline

How long will a kitchen renovation take? There are a lot of factors to consider, things like design time, if there is an existing kitchen in place, if there is structural work that needs to be done, how busy the kitchen manufacturer is, how busy the trades people are etc.  Smith & Smith usually try to keep kitchen turn around to about 8 weeks as a general guideline for a complete kitchen renovation. The following is a list of the overall steps from start to finish.

  • Kitchen Design
  • Check Measure
  • Production
  • Strip-out
  • Delivery
  • Installation

The usual sequence of work to be done at your place of residence is

  • Disconnect all existing services
  • Remove existing cabinetry, appliances and fittings
  • Relocate windows and walls (if necessary)
  • Install basic plumbing and electrics (commonly known as a rough in)
  • Install floor (depending upon whether the floor runs under cabinetry or not)
  • Install cabinetry, benchtops, and splashbacks
  • Install appliances and lighting
  • Install final plumbing and electrics
  • Seal and paint

If you wish, you can organize your own trades people, however you need to do it in the correct order otherwise there may be costly revisits, extra work and additional costs.

Provide all trades and cabinet makers with plans that have details of the position of existing and new services (plumbing, gas and electrics), details of appliances, sinks and taps.

Unfortunately during kitchen renovation, there will be a certain amount of time in which you will not be able to use your current kitchen. This can be a frustrating time, unless it is prepared for adequately.

If you frequently prepare meals in your kitchen, a kitchen renovation will pose a number of problems and you will need to setup a temporary kitchen that will at least help you cook an edible meal instead of eating out for every meal, every day of the week. If not planned for, it can be an expensive and nutritionally questionable period.

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