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Formica Maintenance and Care

Formica maintenance is straightforward as there are no special chemicals and cleaners required. Cleansing can be as simple as soapy water.

General Guidelines

• Don’t place electrical appliances or pots straight from the oven/cooker directly onto your Formica® laminate surface.
• Avoid scourers and abrasives – they will damage the surface.
• Keep waxes and polishes well away. They merely dull the natural shine.
• Don’t use knives directly on Formica laminate surfaces.
• Sharp objects moved across the surface will also cause scratching. This will not impair the servicability of the surface but will spoil the appearance. Dark benchtop colours will make these scratches more visible as will smooth and glossy finishes.
• Don’t place burning cigarettes onto Formica laminate surfaces.

Streaks – Streaky marks sometimes show on dark colours and gloss surfaces after cleaning. Mr Muscle®, Windex® or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners should wipe
them away.
Grease – Clean, soapy water will deal with greasy marks. Dab, wait and wipe away. Finish off with Mr Muscle®, Windex® or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners.
Spills. – Formica laminate surfaces resist staining from most household chemicals. With some accidental spills, however, you must take prompt action. Wipe off beetroot, grape and berry juices, first aid preparations, concentrated bleach, oven cleaners, dishwasher detergents and artificial dyes or hair colouring immediately. Specialty glue types such as  Super Glue must also be removed immediately with acetone (nail polish remover). Note: some solvent-based texture pens may leave permanent marks unless removed immediately.
Stains – Methylated spirits, acetone, paint thinners or 2 – 3 light rubs with a cream cleanser can be used on stubborn stains. Use a light scrubbing brush if necessary. Note: Always be careful on laminate joins and edges, as these products can break down the adhesive used to bond your Formica laminate to the substrate.
Scratches – Formica laminate surfaces will withstand normal wear and tear, but can be damaged by scratching or cutting with utensils, knives and unglazed pottery. Darker colours and gloss surfaces will show scratches more readily than lighter colours. To minimise scratching, always place and lift objects from the surface – never drag or slide them across the surface.

Download the Formica Care and Maintenance Guide PDF