Parbury Maintenance and Care

Parbury is no longer in business.

If you have a Parbury veneer already installed, maintenance is easy. If cared for properly, your veneer will look it’s best for many more years to come. When caring for Parbury Veneers the following is recommended:

  • Dusting – Use only a soft dry cloth or feather duster.
  • Polishing – Use a high-quality furniture polish (non-silicone based) with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes – Do not place hot dishes, pots, pans, cups etc. directly onto lacquered surfaces. Use heat resistant placemats under hot food and beverages to avoid heat damage.
  • Spillages – All spillages should be cleaned with a damp cloth as soon as possible, moisture may cause damage to the coating. Do not allow nail polishes and removers, personal deodorants, perfumes, aftershave lotions, soaps etc to come into contact with the lacquer. Never use acetone or trichloroethylene on the polyurethane surfaces.
  • Dirty or Greasy Marks – After wiping with a dry cloth, persistent marks may be moved by mild, non-abrasive cleaner appropriate to the surface finish. Do not use “Spray and Wipe” solutions or excessive force when removing marks. Do not use abrasive cleaners, powders, scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper etc. These can damage the finish and make the surface susceptible to staining. Silicone-based cleaning products are to be avoided.
  • Direct Sunlight – Like any timber veneer, all veneers will fade or colour changes of the surface coating may occur when subjected to ultra-violet light or rooms that denote high exposure to continuous sunlight.

Colour change is not considered a defect. For added precaution, we recommend to use blinds, curtains or use UV film on windows which are positioned in a Northerly or Western location.

Download Parbury Care & Maintenance PDF (note that some information and products listed on this PDF are now out of date or discontinued).

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