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Macleod – Modern Kitchen

An autumnal colour palette, clever styling and an unusual layout set this kitchen apart.

Large spaces call for creativity. When we consider a dream home, space is usually something we want to increase, however it is quite another to fill that space.

This large kitchen, living, dining area does not feel like a school hall because of careful use of oversized furniture and bold features.

The kitchen comprises two island benches within an L shaped configuration. White marble graces all counter tops with waterfall ends for a sturdy but elegant effect.

Doors are in a combination of Smith & Smith white polyurethane in gloss finish and textured dark timber veneer. Contrasting tones allow various features to stand out and define the space rather than the large kitchen being lost in a sea of the same colour.

Twin extractor fans are another oversize addition to a huge room to bring down the scale and make an expansive room feel cosy. Form and function collide in these beauties.