New Ways to Connect with Smith & Smith

Smith & Smith Kitchens remains open for business in accordance with government guidelines and procedures.

The health of our staff and clients are of great importance to us and Smith & Smith takes great care to ensure that staff adhere to our COVID Safe Plan, are well, have not returned from overseas in the last two weeks and have not been in contact with a known case of COVID-19.

Showrooms – Physical Visits

Our Doncaster and Rowville showrooms are closed for physical visits during Stage 4. When Stage 3 resumes, our showrooms will reopen if government guidelines allow and if it is deemed safe to do so. For the time being, you can make an appointment for a virtual showroom tour by calling 03 9755 4888.

Showrooms – Virtual Visits

As our showrooms are closed, we have a variety of apps available for you to connect with us virtually. Use this form to request a virtual, personalised tour of our showroom via any of the listed apps. These tours are completely customised for you and will be guided by one of our friendly showroom attendants who will take you through the features that are available and the quality we have on offer. Just like a regular showroom visit, you can choose whether to just be guided by our friendly staff member, or you may ask as many questions as you wish about our kitchens and the quality we offer.

Design Consultations – Virtual Meetings

In March, we commenced virtual design consultations with the first limitations on interaction to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. As such, they are well placed to attend to our clients’ design needs during this second, stricter lockdown.

These design consultations run in just the same way as they would if a designer visited you in your own home. All parties involved in the decision-making are expected to attend to ensure that everyone is clear on what is on offer and how to proceed. Our designers have been trained in the use of various apps that allow sharing of ideas as well as conversing so that the atmosphere feels as natural as possible.

Our design supervisors can visit sites that are unoccupied, such as new builds, renovations or extension where clients are not living on the premises.

Factory – Running as Usual

Our factory never stopped! As one of the leading kitchen manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere, our factory has enough room and more to allow our staff to maintain social distancing. Measures have been taken to ensure our staff are kept safe and also our clients who receive the kitchens. 

Installations – Still Working Hard

Our installation team is still working hard installing kitchens in new homes, renovations and homes where the client is not in residence. We will continue to install in homes where clients are in residence, observing the appropriate COVID Safe Plan when the authourities deem it is safe for us to do so. Our team will guide you through the process to ensure that you are aware of our COVID Safe Plan and can have your kitchen installed while ensuring the safety of all.