Choosing Benchtop Materials Best Suited For Your Kitchen Remodel

Benchtops are one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to kitchen remodel projects. Benchtops in your kitchen are used daily and are often subject to wear. Benchtops play an important role when it comes to adding to the style and functionality of your kitchen. Picking a benchtop material is a process that you should navigate through only once you are fully informed about your choices.

Although there many materials that are easily destructible, there are however some that stand the test of time. Here are some durable materials you should consider choosing for your next kitchen renovation:

Quartz benchtops

Quartz benchtops are made up of about 95% ground natural quartz and 5% of a binding agent, typically polymer resin. Due to its nonporous quality, a quartz benchtop is highly resistant to stains and bacteria growth, thus also making it relatively easy to clean. For this reason, quartz benchtops need not be sealed.

Since quartz benchtops are created from one of the hardest minerals found on Earth, they are exceptionally durable as well. They are resistant to acids and oils, abrasion and chipping and heat. Quartz also offers homeowners plenty of options when it comes to aesthetic, with a varied palette that can blend well with lots of colour schemes.

Granite benchtops

Granite is a hard 100% natural stone. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns, mostly due to how it is formed: from the slow cooling and crystallisation of magma below the Earth’s surface. It is then mined, cut down to smaller pieces and polished to a fine finish. Because of this natural formation process, all granite slabs are unique.

Granite benchtops are less porous than quartz, which is why they need to be cleaned regularly. To increase its lifespan, granite benchtops should be resealed at least once yearly. Aside from that, granite is durable and can withstand extreme heat.

Stainless steel benchtops

Stainless steel is very easy to keep clean. Its nonporous quality doesn’t allow any liquid substances to penetrate the surface, making it one of the most hygienic options for a kitchen benchtop. As the name states, it is resistant to stains as well. This is perfect for families with kids who want to experiment in the kitchen with mum and dad; the parents don’t have to worry about stains setting in when their kids accidentally splash sauces, oils or juices. Stainless steel benchtops are also resistant to water and heat. Putting a hot pan on the surface won’t easily damage the benchtop, however, they are susceptible to dents and scratches.

A stainless steel benchtop is ideal for a modern kitchen design. The metal has an elegant, contemporary sheen that offers a sleek tailored look.

Large format porcelain benchtops

Large format porcelain tiles are made of clays and minerals fired at extremely high temperatures. They are resistant to heat, freezing, liquids and scratches. They can withstand harsh impacts as well; you can drop a pan on them and they won’t dent. This makes for a durable material that can last for years to come.

Large format porcelain benchtops are aesthetically flexible, meaning they can be easily integrated into your kitchen’s new look. They can be made in various patterns and colours to suit your tastes.

Before making a final choice, consider how each material will work on your kitchen. Need help in your kitchen renovations in Melbourne? Contact Smith & Smith today. We provide custom kitchen design and kitchen renovation services. Let us help you turn your vision into reality!